Easy Sudoku for Adults and Seniors Large Print: 150 Extra Large Easy Sudoku Puzzles Book for Beginners – with Answers

This Easy Sudoku Puzzle Book is the perfect way for adults, seniors and teens to sharpen their memory and test their logic and critical thinking.
With 150 puzzles ranging from Beginner to Medium, this book will give hours of puzzle fun.
The extra large font size, and just one puzzle per page, ensures that the puzzles are easy to read and each page features only one puzzle.
The difficulty level is also accurately marked so that users can choose puzzles that best suit their needs.
This book is sure to provide hours of challenging and enjoyable puzzle fun for all ages.


  • One Sudoku Puzzle per Page
  • Easy to read extra large font
  • 150 Easy Sudoku Puzzles
  • Full Solutions included on the back of the book
  • Perfect for beginners, adults and children.
  • Instructions are included

Easy to use format:

  • 8.5 x 11 Pages (Letter Size)
  • Durable Cover

Makes a great gift!

Get it on Amazon here: Click Here

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